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Inokit is the Inovaxe Ultra Lean Solution for acquisition and handling of “D parts”. The D parts, such as resistors and capacitors, are low cost components that are typically over 70% of the BOM part count and less than 10% of the total BOM cost. Yet they are the cause of expensive problems including production line down time, delay of production schedule, overtime, and late delivery to customer.

  • Assign the penny parts to Inovaxe

  • Refer to these parts as sub-assembly or group of part numbers per each BOM

  • Notify Inovaxe when you plan to build the products

  • Inovaxe will ship the parts(sub-kit)packaged in its proprietary Inokit carriers to you within 48 hours

  • Remove from the box and place the carrier next to your machine

  • Use Inokit proprietary software or the set up sheet provided by Inovaxe to set up your SMT machine

  • There will always be more parts than you need to complete the kits including scrap

  • After you finish, return the remaining parts to carrier, place it in the box, and ship it back to Inovaxe

Need a revolutionary inventory control system that is dedicated to the needs of the electronic manufacturing industry?

  • INOKIT manages your inventory from dock to stock to your automatic and manual operations and back
  • INOKIT eliminates the need for material “kitting” with our revolutionary “virtual kitting” functionality - saving non value added labor
  • INOKIT greatly reduces inventory inaccuracy with our ONE PACKAGE / ONE LOCATION philosophy. Eliminate surprise stock outs and expedite fees
  • INOKIT manages RoHS versus Non RoHS compliant components and assemblies
  • INOKIT maximizes risk management through the recording of component manufacturer lot numbers from receipt through assembly
  • INOKIT minimizes set up and reload time through our “load line” functionality
  • Can be integrated to existing software systems