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Before & After Pictures

BEFORE: Customer Concerns

The customer was concerned about the amount of floor space dedicated to storage of component inventory.

They were also spending excess time/labor managing receiving and stocking of inventory. It was especially labor intensive picking all the components needed to set up a job.

This is what they had dedicated to inventory management:

  • (14) generic carts for managing reels
  • (2) generic carts for managing tubes
  • Racks for pc boards & trays
  • 100+ sq ft of nonproductive floor space




AFTER: Inovaxe Solutions
After speaking to the customer about the volumes and package types of components they need to store, we recommended an INOCART-2BAY.

This one unit was able to replace all of the generic carts/racks they were using while allowing for future growth or spikes and inventory carrying needs.


  • (1) INOCART-2BAY for reels, tubes, trays, and pc boards
  • Free up 90+ sq ft of floor space
  • Point of Use – move cart to SMT or Through hole line