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Material handling systems are limited to racks, bins, buckets and generic carts that are loosely adapted to the electronics manufacturers' needs. Software solutions are designed to have broad applications ― generic solutions are used for CNC machine shops, plastics manufacturers, electronic manufacturers as well as a variety of assembly-type houses.


Single Package Single Location storage Carts and bins (InoCarts) in conjunction with our scalable Web based software (Inovision and InoView) brings about the following benefits to manufacturers

  • Increase Inventory accuracy
  • Decreases Machine set up time
  • Reduces space requirement for part storage
  • FIFO
  • Minimize the Partial Reels
  • Substantially reduces Surprise shortages
  • Reduces Part Handling time
  • Reduces Kitting time
  • Decreases Substantially loading wrong parts being loaded in to the Machine feeders
  • Reduces SMT machine load time


Single Bay

Holds up to 686 packages
Front/rear dual accordion doors Footprint: 5'-6.5"H x 2'-8"W x 3'-3"D

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Holds up to 791 packages
Footprint: 5'-3.5"H x 3'-4"W x 2'-8"D

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Each Carriers Holds up to 95 reels and sticks Total 570 Individual packages

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Moisture is controlled independently in all 24 to 48 cells

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Hold up to 1,120 reels with light-up identifiers.

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Inovision /InoView

InoVision is Inovaxe's proprietary Web-based material handling system (MHS) that offers the benefits of flexibility, speed, accuracy and cost-efficiency. It also manages the Inovaxe Single Package/Single Location method. Inovision is an expandable set of functions starting with stand alone INOVIEW that allows the tracking of the single package locations and expands to the full Inovision MRP application.
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